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Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning Questions
1.50 What is involved in installing Air Conditioning in a single family home?

Q. We live in an old 1950's house and currently have central heating, which my husband installed in our home a few years ago. Is it possible to add air conditioning, as well. Can anyone help out with advice or how it would work and what the cost would be? Real answers, please...no trolls!

A. You want to start with what you have that is very familiar to you but you haven't described it enough. Is it a forced hot air system with duct work and is the duct work insulated? If this is the case then the process is to install an "A" coil above the furnace and below the plenum that distributes air to the various ducts. This is connected to a condensate drain, and two refrigeration lines that are also insulated. The refrigeration lines connect to an outside unit called a condenser. The condenser has to have electrical power attached to it. The refrigeration lines must be vacuumed out with a vacuum pump and then the refrigerant has to be transferred to the appropriate levels in the now closed system. The cost for this work will vary depending upon where it is done and the going rate in that location. The cost of the equipment will be more static but depend upon the capacity of the unit and this depends upon the size of the house.

1.40 What is a good brand air conditioning install at home and how much?

Q. Please anyone know the estimate? I have no idea and interested in getting central air conditioning system for my home...tks!

A. Trane and Carrier=You pay for advertising. I just bought a 3 ton Goodman for $1200 installed, outside unit only. Entire central air system with inside ducts, etc.: who knows.

1.30 How do I clean an air conditioning unit?

Q. I have an air conditioning unit in the wall of my living room that has been permanently installed. What is the best way to clean it and the reusable filter? I just want to get the dust and crud out so it runs better.

A. Your best bet is to do an internet search based on the manufacturer and model of your AC unit. You may be able to find a user's manual that will tell you how to take apart the unit to clean it.

1.30 What is a reasonable price range to have refrigerant service done to a 2.5 ton air conditioning unit?

Q. Unit is only 5 yrs. old, not sure if I'm quoting right I had about 5lbs. of pressure they took it up to 60-70 I believe.

A. Average range $175- $250. unless there is a leak on the line. than it's more.

1.20 The difference between air conditioning and air conditioner?

Q. Could you please tell me the difference between air conditioning and air conditioner? I knew that we can say that "this car comes with an air conditioning" . How about the following sentence: Does your apartment has an air conditioning /conditioner? Does this building has an central air conditioning system?

A. As others have said, an air conditioner is the machine, air conditioning is the result. Note that the machine is an object, therefore countable--you need "an". "Air conditioning" is intangible, therefore non-countable--no "an". >>I knew that we can say that "this car comes with an air conditioning" . You would say just "comes with air conditioning" or "an air conditioning system". >>Does your apartment has an air conditioning /conditioner? (With a question using "do", don't conjugate the main verb) You can say "Does your apartment have air conditioning?" or "Does your apartment have an air conditioner?" >>Does this building has an central air conditioning system? Again, "have" not "has", and it's "a" rather than "an" ("an" only goes right before a vowel sound), but otherwise perfect. "System" is countable.

1.20 I want as an apprenticeship in an air conditioning company?

Q. I have a good experience in this field.they don't need to give me salary for 6 months salary.if possible if there is a air conditioning job vacancy please post it the first comment will be marked at best answer

A. You want to work for free for 6 months? That's nutty!

1.20 How do I stop the air conditioning from coming on automatically every time I start my car?

Q. It is a 2009 Renault Megane Coupe.The air conditioning comes on automatically upon starting and remains on until the car has heated up. This appears to increase the fuel consumption, so I always turn it off. I would rather if it didn't come on in the first place.

A. Check to see on what setting the air direction control is set to, normally if you have it set to windscreen de-misting then the air-con will come on. Ja.

1.20 Where can I find a group or network of Refrigeration & Air conditioning technicians involved in the service?

Q. Network here in the philippies for refrigeration and air conditioning technician or mechanic? Especially those whore are in the network of auto car aircon repair shop.

A. In the right section.

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